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“Crowded” bought by Johnny Depp

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Johnny Depp bought the painting of street artist Pegasus portraying a naked pregnant Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton

Johnny Depp’s main passion, books apart are paintings. He loves to be surrounded by paintings of various genre and he is a painter as well.

Several days ago Johnny bought various paintings of a famous British street painter called Pegasus.
One of these ones is the famous and controversial painting Crowded 10428626_361274510712865_2540053403671650512_n.

The painting portrays the duchess of Cambridge, and highly probable future Queen of England Kate Middleton naked and very pregnant, a crown on his belly the signal of the arrival of the future King.

Another controversial painting has been the one Pegasus created imagining Kate Middleton like Saint Mary following the example of a very famous italian painter: Duccio Di Buoninsegna . Courageous choice for Pegasus  10850269_361370247369958_2452768781504535011_n this one.

Johnny Depp bought these items while he was attending the opening of…

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Nick Walker New NYC Mural 


UrbanBombWorks is proud to present Nick Walker and his new #UBW located in New York City.

We share the behind the scenes stencil pictures on how Nick accomplishes his master creation. The UBW team says, go check out 81st and 3rd avenue .

Nick Walker(born 1969)is an established graffiti artist originating fromBristol,England. He is credited with introducingstencil graffitito Bristol in the early 1980s, hence being a big influence onBanksy.

Walker was invited by film directorStanley Kubrickto recreate the graffiti’d streets ofNew Yorkfor his 1999 film,Eyes Wide Shut.

His paintings often feature a bowler-hatted gentleman ‘vandal’, which featured in a video byThe Black Eyed Peas.

Walker’s paintings now sell for large sums of money – in 2006 a spray painted work titled “Moona Lisa” sold for an unexpected £54,000 atBonhamsin London.At a…

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Banksy Heads to War-Torn Gaza For His Latest Street Intervention



Political and controversy street artist Banksy makes his way to the streets of Gaza in Israel. There, he adds three new pieces on the walls of the war-torn city. Banksy noted that the city of “Gaza is often described as ‘the world’s largest open air prison’ because no-one is allowed to enter or leave. but that seems a bit unfair to prisons – they don’t have their electricity and drinking water cut off randomly almost every day.” With that being said, armed with cans of spray paint, the ever-elsusive Banksy breaks into the ‘jail’ and puts up three explicit and expressive pieces. First, on heaps of rubbles, an abandoned doorway stands about, Banksy paints a figure of a kneeling man with his head buried in his hands – caught in the moment of deep despair. The second piece draws inspirations from the city’s guard tower, where Banksy iteration of…

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